What about shootings

All shooting and exposition in this page have been shoot by me and they are resulted of collaborations with some models and altmodels who gave me their time, sharing with me a little part of their life. I am grateful to them for shown me as they really are, without preconceptions, without think about what the society think about them, without conditions, always ready to breack the rules, happy to live their life. I usually work very often with the same models when I find multifaceted people with whom I have built a good relationship of collaboration. The trust between eachother is our world, I never judge anybody for any kind of ideas, creeds, skin colours and so on, but I let them to be themself. This is what we do, this is what make us happy. I am glad to share these works to you. Maybe someone of you could think my way of shoot is imperfect, not beautiful, not correct, ugly, not in line with the composition rules. Maybe you are right, but this is my way of see humans. Don't mind, I love you anyway

Real Leather

Bergamo, 2018 Real Leather with Marty Ares - Too months has flowed from our last shooting in 2017 with Neko Mata. So when we met some weeks ago the weather ...

girl, model, altmodel, river, nude, photography, photoart, liamdotz, milano, 2018 Crystal


Milan, 2018 July - So many months Neko Mata and I thought in this shooting, at the end we found the perfect day in a perfect location...

Messy Case

Milan 2018, May - This set was born with Usagi Momo in a little room in Milan....

girl, couple, sensual, brunette, brunettehot, hotness, curvy, lingerie, photography, ordinarylife, inkedmodel, tattooedgirl, black&white, bnw, monochrome, altmodel, photomodel, fun, liamdotz, milano, italy, 2018 Alizée Tassoni

Look At me

Bergamo, May - Concept by Alizèe Tassoni. Really thanks to her boyfrend that helped us to create some interesting situations...

Good attitudes

Milano, 2018 April with Neko Mata in her apartment, smartphone and instant application. Enjoy!


Milano, 2018 February with Kosi Dina and Bullet Jane just for fun at Kosi's apartment in Isola district

Last days

Milano, 2018 January with Manuela Elettra during her last days before leaving her apartment

girl, model, altmodel, tattooedgirl, inkedmodel, photography, glamour, photoart, liamdotz, milano, 2018 shooting Bonnie Haze

At Home

Varese, 2018 May with Bonnie in her apartment. I remember I bought my new digital camera a week before. first of all I tried some clicks with my new...

girl, nude, sensual, photography, black&white, bnw, monochrome, altmodel, photomodel, fun, liamdotz, milano, italy, 2018 shooting raravis carlqvist

Be yourself

Milano, 2017 December with Raravis Carlqvist, black and white set, unconventional mood0


Milano December 2017 with Raravis Carlqvist during one of her trips from Modena, just a small apartment near Viale Monza

girls, sensual, chupachups, butt, bottom, photography, black&white, bnw, monochrome, altmodel, photomodel, fun, liamdotz, milano, italy, 2017 Shooting Neko Mata Friends


Milano, 2017 November with Neko Mata and friend, just for fun when the night ends, last bottle of white wine, still something stay there

photography, girls, photomodel, raining, nude, milan, liamdotz, italy

Drops on the top floor

Milano July 2017 - with Neko Mata and her friend, shooting was not planned, rain was not planned, just a bit of lucky

A quarter past seven

Milan, 2017 July with Neko Mata and Marty Ares in a lovely location, great natural light, good staff


Milano, 2017 June with Hedy Nerito, after a long time we got together a shooting. In a room very simple with a lovely record player and some old Lucio Battisti LP on it. So...

girl, portrait, model, altmodel, tattooedgirl, inkedmodel, suicidegirl, photography, photoart, liamdotz, milano, 2017 unconventional, brisen


Milano, June 2017 - "Unconventional" is the first shooting done with Brisen. I really had in difficult since one of my model seemed not answer to my calls. At the end a friend of Brisen told me that she could...

True Skin

Milano, 2017 April with Kosi Dina, first set in a beautiful and valued BnB apartment in Città Studi district. The owner is a woman journalist, particulary enthusiast to the art in general. I love this flat! Absolutely! Check it out the related video also


Legnano 2017, January - The first set with Bonnie Haze in a small apartment, cold afternoon but the sun shone, a bottle of a wine, what else

girl, smoking, nude, shooting, home, blackandwhite, bnw, monochrome, beautyful, model, photography, expositions, photoart, liamdotz, milano, 2017 Smoke


2017 Smoke -  January with Sabrina Blunts in her apartment. We thought something different respect to what we did in 2016. Something more messy, chaotic...

Black Moon

2016 Black moon - August, 6 day after my birthday I sent some message to three models some days before. The first answer was by Niss. We took some hour shooting in my studio, good natural light, really good time passed with her.

girl, androgyny, nude, street, photography, black&white, monochrome, bnw, altmodel, photomodel, night, fun, liamdotz, milan, 2016 Porta Genova

Porta Genova

Milan, 2015 Porta Genova - August, Neko Mata and I walking around Porta Genova, drinking something at "Bodeguita del Medio" in Col di Lana street. Probably it's the best copy I ever seen in my life. Certainly I was lucky enough...

girl, nude, shooting, home, tattooedgirl, inkedmodel, suicidegirl, blackandwhite, bnw, monochrome, beautiful, model, photography, expositions, photoart, liamdotz, milano, 2017 rascal


2017 Rascal - Bergamo, february with Yupa in a halfway respect to our cities. The apartment was really lighting and comfortable in the country side of the city. I remember I had an accident with my car...

girl, bottom, butt, boudoir, shooting, home, tattooedgirl, inkedmodel, blackandwhite, bnw, monochrome, beautiful, model, photography, expositions, photoart, liamdotz, milano, 2017 ciao bella, alizee tassoni

Ciao Bella

2017 Ciao bella - Bergamo, February with Alizèe Tassoni. We met for the first time at the Marty's birthday some months ago. I remember she asked me "why we didn't work together yet?". We decided to think about that oportunity. At the end "Ciao Bella" born, I take a cue from her...