What about Projects

In these following projects I feel comfortable working on something that could be repeated. The history will never repeat itself in the same way.

The chaos law say that it is not possible to predict any event, since a slight difference between the initial conditions can cause opposite results. In my case the difference is not little, due to different person who is call to partecipate to the same game. So that, the difference could be quite high, let me say: you can use knife to cut the apple, or you can use it to hurt somebody. The same instrument used in a different way could create a big difference results. I know it's obviously, but not so much.

So, photography is like a knife, I can use it to show you a good think or a bad think. The point is that you can not know it before see the picture. As a result, when you saw it you can not live as you has never saw it, it's inside of you now and you have to live with this virus. This is a great power of photography. Fascinating isn't it?

Latest shots could be find on my Instagram profile.

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10 minutes

This is a project born in January 2018, after a dinner with some friends we decided to take some shots. Trying to manage light, after some experiments we were quite unpleased by the results. I finally decided to change the approach and modify some parameters, using light as I never used it before.

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Naughty Night Stories

"Naughty night stories"project has started in 2017 October. The ideas have been buzzing in my head since the year before, after one set with Neko Mata in 2016. It started from the idea of winning a post club/pub night till the end, more or less...